CHA Instructor Certification Clinic


CHA Instructor Certification Clinic

April 23rd – 27th, 2018!

~Auditing Available~

Horseback Riding LessonIf you have previous experience teaching English and/or Western horseback riding lessons, and would like to improve your skills and become a certified professional, you’re invited to attend and ride or audit the Certified Horsemanship Association Instructors Certification Clinic.

The process involves evaluation by two CHA Certified Clinicians in a 5 day clinic held at our approved facility. Join us in welcoming clinicians CHA CEO Christy Landwehr and CHA CI Bridget Rhode from DE.

CHA certification clinics involve teaching at least four lessons, a riding evaluation, a written test and participation in workshops on risk management, teaching techniques, professionalism and herd management. Certification is awarded at the end of the clinic and the level of certification attained (if any) is the sole discretion of the CHA Clinicians conducting the clinic. Certification is valid for 3 years from the certification date; the instructor must maintain annual individual membership. Instructors may re-certify at the end of the 3-year certification period by providing documentation of at least 25 hours of continuing education and work within the industry. The only way to raise the level of certification is to attend another CHA clinic.

Participants must be able to mount, dismount and ride at the walk, trot and canter/lope on the correct lead, with good form and control in a group, in the arena and in the open. Instructor candidates must be able to ride above the level that they will be certified to teach (for exceptional circumstances, see Special Considerations under “Instructor Competency Guidelines” in the CHA Clinic Instructor’s Manual).

Corinne with Donatello

ASSISTANT INSTRUCTOR: English and/or Western, qualified to assist in a lesson or trail ride, under the supervision of a certified instructor.

LEVEL 1 INSTRUCTOR: qualified to provide foundational instruction to beginners, with a strong emphasis on safety and group control; candidates must demonstrate ability in ground handling, mounting, correct position and control at walk-trot.

LEVEL 2 INSTRUCTOR: English and/or Western, qualified to improve all aspects of the first level, and progressing through canter/lope, including diagonals, balance of horse and rider, pre-jumping exercises, western patterns, trail riding, etc.

LEVEL 3 INSTRUCTOR: English and/or Western, qualified to coach students in improving form, style and understanding of the natural aids, including basic jumping, turn backs to the rail, transitions, school figures and leads with a greater emphasis on horsemanship theory and horse care.

LEVEL 4 INSTRUCTOR: English and/or Western, qualified to improve the performance of advanced riders and their horses, including jumping courses, dressage movements, reining, and other performance events, advanced horse management and horsemanship theory.

MASTER INSTRUCTOR: Qualified to teach both English and Western through Level 4; professional and highly experienced in a variety of teaching and management situations.


Tuition $975 *Includes participation in the 5-day clinic, breakfast, lunch and snacks daily, as well as all required CHA books and certification.

Three levels of auditing are also available:
1) Full Session Auditing $350
Includes: CHA Membership, Books (composite manual, instructor manual, CHA standards), event baseball cap, lunch and snacks, seating, CHA auditor certificate.

2) Single Day Auditing / Early Registration $50/day
Includes: lunch and snacks, seating. Books may be purchased in advance by April 1st.
Space is extremely limited and offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

3) Single Day Auditing / Registration at the Door $65/day
Includes seating only.

CHA Clinic Auditing is closed Wednesday afternoon and Friday morning.

Please contact the office for more information (303) 973-0077.

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