Halter Club

Halter ClubHorseback Riding Lesson

a Small Group program for Beginner Riders ages 8-12yrs.

Halter Club is a  progressive program which focuses on the practical skills and knowledge necessary for riders to earn Level 1 certification through the CHA (Certified Horsemanship Association). Students entering this program demonstrate basic control of their horse at the walk. Young equestrians will learn to properly groom and tack their assigned mounts, and will each take part in a group riding lesson. After mastering independent steering and control at the walk (while maintaining proper riding position), riders will turn their attention to the trot. This program aims for students to attain safe control of their horse at the trot through basic ring figures.

In addition to practice covering topics such as leading, knots, and identifying parts of the tack, students are expected to complete the assigned reading each week, as well as turn in any accompanying assignments. Homework may take up to an hour to complete before their next session. At the culmination of the program, students will have the opportunity to take a written and practical test, the latter of which will be ridden in front of a CHA-certified judge. The written exam must be passed with a score of 70 in order to take the riding exam. Students attaining a riding score over 90 may move into Saddle Club or Group Riding Lessons. Students attaining a score over 80 may move only with the permission of their riding instructor.


CHA Level 1 Manual (available for purchase in the office)

Certified SEI ASTM Riding Helmet

Paddock Boots, Long pants or Breeches

For more information or to check availability, please call the office: 303-973-0077.

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